Mood Spray Focus is a fresh aromatherapy scent for long work study or meditation sessions.


Notes of mint and cypress contribute to this fresh, aromatic scent. 


Certified organic and fair trade essential oils are used to give this wonderful mist its alluring scent. Even the alcohol used for our Mood Spray is 100% certified organic (Bio Weingeist) in Bio Suisse quality and is made from fruits sustainably grown on a Swiss meadow orchard.


This delicious Mood Spray will provide you with a fantastic clear atmosphere for you to clear your head and get things done. The aluminium container protects the valuable ingredients from sun exposure and hence retain their effects.


Spray on your wrists, neck or simply spray throughout a room. The room or area will be infused with valuable aromatherapy ingredients. Let the alcohol dry (as with any perfume) and inhale pure bliss.



Mood Spray Focus

  • Keep in a cool place.


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