Mood Stick Sweet Dreams is an aromatic aromatherapy scent for those who toss and turn or stare at the ceiling. If you need to be productive the next day consider giving this enchanting fragrance a chance.


Now in a small bamboo flacon to accompany you wherever you go.


Notes of lavender, vanilla and bitter organge contribute to this aromatic scent.


Certified organic and fair trade essential oils are used to give this wonderful fragrance its alluring scent. Even the alcohol used for our Mood Stick is 100% certified organic (Bio Weingeist) in Bio Suisse quality and is made from fruits sustainably grown on a Swiss meadow orchard.


This delicious Mood Stick will provide you with a fantastic relaxing atmosphere to slowly unwind and travel into the land of magical dreams and deep sleep. The bamboo container protects the valuable ingredients from sun exposure and hence retain their effects.


Lavender has been found in multiple scientific studies to increase the percentage of deep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), increased stage 2 (light) sleep and increased vigour the morning following lavender exposure.


Roll on your wrists or neck. Let the alcohol dry (as with any perfume) and inhale pure bliss.


Deep sleep tip:

Apply on your wrists before going to bed. The essential oils will continue to diffuse their fragrance during your sleep for a deeply relaxing atmosphere.



Mood Stick Sweet Dreams


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